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Feb 03, 2015 · penis-chili These are the rare and unusual Pepper. This strange pepper is shaped like a man's penis. They have a heat level like a jalapeno and a good flavor too! It's origin is Appalachia, United States. Easy to grow. Good heat great flavor. Nature on Viagra! Fantastic gift for any gardener. Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Rainbow. The Chilli Factory - Head Office - Home of the Hottest Chilli / Chili in the World - Trinidad Scorpion Butch T!, Manufacturers of the Best Gourmet Award Winning Chilli Sauces and Chilli Chutneys. Chilli Sauces, Chilli Seeds, Chilli Merchandise, Chilli Facts, Chilli Recipes and more , Peter Pepper Penis RED.

Peter Penis Pepper Capsicum Annuum “Could be funny to pickle and give as a gift.” Peter Penis Pepper is a Capsicum Annuum from unknown origin. It is a very rare chilli and it is known for its striking resemblance to the male genitalia. The plant grows 50 cm to 70 cm high in a pot and looks really cool, when it’s full of bright red phallic. 'Red Peter' is a Chili pepper variety in the Capsicum genus with a scientific name of Capsicum annuum longum group. The Peter Red chili (also known as the Peter Pepper or Penis Pepper) (Capsicum annuum) is an heirloom hot pepper that turns from green to red; is approximately 3 to 4 inches long, and 1 to 1.5 inches wide when fully mature. 1.

Luckily, now you too can grow your own phallic-shaped chilly peppers thanks to Chilli Willy kits that come with growing instructions. Also known as Peters Peppers or Penis Peppers (for obvious reasons), these funny-looking bad boys also pack quite a punch; they have a heat level similar to Tabasco peppers and are 10 ten times hotter than Jalapenos.