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Sep 10, 2011 · How feud wrecked the reputation of explorer who discovered Nile's source as Burton was too sick, Speke volunteered to search alone. with suggestions he was a repressed homosexual Author: Dalya Alberge. John Hanning Speke (4 May 1827 – 15 September 1864) was an English explorer and officer in the British Indian Army who made three exploratory expeditions to Africa.He is most associated with the search for the source of the Nile and was the first European to reach Lake Victoria.He is also known for propounding the Hamitic hypothesis in 1863, in which he supposed that the Wahuma ethnic group Born: 4 May 1827, Buckland Brewer, Devon, England.

Burton's sympathizers contend that Speke resented Burton's leadership role. Tim Jeal, who has accessed Speke's personal papers, suggests that it was more likely the other way around, Burton being jealous and resentful of Speke's determination and success.Alma mater: Trinity College, Oxford. Lastly, we know that Burton happily flouted all social or sexual mores--if he wanted to sleep with a man, he would have done so and then blithely written a text on the experience.

John Hanning Speke, 1827-1864. DNB Entry Times Obituary and Inquest Report. H.B. Thomas on Speke's Death. Speke accompanied Richard Francis Burton on his 1854-5 Somali Expedition, then again on the 1857-9 East Africa expedition, which aimed to find the sources of the Nile. The expedition discovered Lake Tanganyika in 1858, and explored part of its extent. Apr 21, 2017 · Today’s release and rhapsodic reviews of The Lost City of Z (“ a miraculous movie, at once moving, intimidating, and gorgeous to behold.” — The Atlantic) have conjured memories of Mountains of the Moon, a little-known 1990 film examining the arduous and, ultimately, contentious, search by explorers Richard Burton and John Hanning Speke for another great mystery [ ].