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Aug 03, 2007 · Best Answer: Well South Beach is part of Miami Beach which is a completely different city than Miami but they are the metro area and only about 1 miles apart separated by Biscayne Bay, Back to the topic. The main strip for Clubs in Miami Beach is Washington Ave. These are were alot of the clubs are. Washington Ave between 17th street and 5th street.Followers: 1. Strip clubs in Miami are serious business and part of this city’s identity. They go hand in hand with the 305’s proud history of 2 Live Crew and Miami Bass. Down here, dancers don’t just Author: Ryan Pfeffer.

Though I think its sad the money “men” waste on things like strip clubs. I understand why there are so many. Its because Miami workers get paid peanuts while cost of living is close to NY and other cities however they get paid much more. So if some “men” want to spend money in strip clubs like drooling 16 yr olds than by all means. Located in Coral Gables off of Bird Road, Playmates Club is the ultimate Miami Strip Club experience! Featuring some of the South Florida's hottest female exotic dancers performing for your entertainment.

The dancers, however, are as Miami as you can get with large backsides and limited English. And 305 tattoos. Lots and lots of 305 tattoos. What they’re known for: Being the UM strip club of Author: Matt Meltzer. Apr 11, 2013 · So Goldrush Strip Club is closed, and the City of Miami is down one 24-hour liquor-licensed international house of T &A. But chin up, stripper Author: Jacob Katel.