How to Grow Out Your Natural Hair Color: A Guide

There are usually two driving forces when someone wants to grow out their natural hair color. A: They’re tired of high-maintenance color and everything it involves (lots of appointments, lots of expensive products, etc.). B: Their current color esthetic has sacrificed the integrity of the hair.

If you want to grow out your hair to help get your strands back into fighting shape, Kaeding says to, at the very least, avoid bleach if you can’t resist color services completely. 

“I know it’s hard, but my strong advice is to stay away from the bleach,” she presses. “If you want natural, healthy hair, you have to stay away from the chemicals.” (Box dye is also off the table!)

Once you have reached your desired hair health and length, Kaeding says you can talk to your colorist about incorporating some subtle color processes. They’ll be able to professionally assess the condition of your hair at that point and can offer some ideas to help refresh or enhance your natural tone. (Again, the goal won’t be to alter your color—it’s more about keeping your natural hair vibrant and dimensional.)

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