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Dec 06, 2017 · Is Eric McCormack gay? Ah, yes the question that plagues the minds of those who watch Will on the show. Because Eric does play a gay man on TV many people believe that means he is gay Author: Paulina Jayne Isaac. Eric McCormack Gay Rumors. The good looking and gifted actor has been tagged as a gay and there are many people who do not want to even consider the fact that he might be straight. Wake up, people! Just because someone plays gay in a movie or a TV show, does not mean that person is a gay .

Eric then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he also moved into television and movies and gained a devoted following of fans. Eric makes his home in both Vancouver and Los Angeles. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Christina Marie. Eric McCormack, Actor: Will & Grace. Eric was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He attended Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute (the same school Mike Myers attended) and also attended Sir John A. MacDonald Collegiate, named after Canada's first Prime Minister. With the support of his parents (his father was also an aspiring actor), Eric spent three years at the Ryerson Theater.

Jul 15, 2013 · Eric McCormack is often praised as being one of the first straight allies to positively portray an openly gay man on primetime television, but a new interview with his Will & Grace co-star Megan Author: Matthew Tharrett. Apr 16, 2007 · Eric James McCormack (b. April 18, 1963,[1] in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is an Emmy Award-winning Canadian-American actor of Scottish and Cherokee descent. He maintains residences in Los Angeles and Vancouver.Status: Open.