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99 Things on Amazon Fashion People Always Buy


Okay, I’ll admit: I was shamefully late to the game in terms of discovering that Amazon had become a legit spot for fashion finds. I mean, fleece-lined leggings and 10-packs of gym socks? Sure! But let it be know that the e-tailer is also home to more classic, luxury, and contemporary designer brands than you even realize, not to mention all the low-key fashion finds we rely on to complete our looks. From Levi’s, Rolla’s, and Rag & Bone to Ganni, Staud, and Anine Bing. We’re talking truly exceptional jeans, vegan-leather pants, mock-croc accessories, editor-favorite sneakers, affordable gold jewelry, and that’s not even starting on all these great knits.

My usual curation of 20-or-so picks just didn’t quite seem like enough to really stress this point, so I present to you no fewer than 99(!) Who What Wear–worthy fashion items you can snap up on Amazon right this second and have delivered to wherever you happen to be hunkering down this holiday season. Let’s start with what I’m wearing here. Happy scrolling!

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The 31 Best Winter Shoes You Need the Most This Season

If you hate people complimenting your clothing and your style, then keep scrolling, because this shopping roundup of winter shoes does not mess around. This shoe shopping haul features all the shoes you would want in a dream winter wardrobe and then some. Keeping a variety of climates in mind, ahead you will see everything from dreamy holiday heels to chunky weather-proof boots and each style is more eye-catching than the next. 

In order to stay on the compliments theme, I will admit that some of the shoes ahead might not look like the most practical option, but that wasn’t really the goal. While there are certainly some versatile and reasonable soles in here (flat boots, house shoes, etc.), I wanted to also throw in some shoes that simply put a smile on your face and will make others feel so strongly about your footwear selection, the can’t help but come up to you to say something. 

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5 Designer Accessories That Are Worth the Investment

Investing in designer accessories may not be top of mind for many given the current situation, but as a fashion site, we wanted to provide you with inspiration and luxury shopping information in case it is in fact helpful at some point.

For many right now, there’s been a shift towards more thoughtful shopping with a focus on sustainability, versatility, and longevity. So the idea of investing in one key wardrobe staple rather than a ton of random buys can be appealing. If uncovering one of these items—like a pre-owned accessory that has a strong cost per wear—is intriguing at all, we’re here to share a few solid options.

To pinpoint examples of designer accessories that will most likely hold their value year over year (especially in terms of resale value), we pulled in luxury resale brand Rebag to help with the research. In fact, the brand just expanded into the watch and fine jewelry category, so we wanted to get further insight into the bags and jewelry that could be worth it from an investment point of view in that customers would be willing to pay a premium to own said pieces—even at the resale level.

Whether you are

The 12 Best BB Creams for Dark Skin Tones

When it comes to shade-matching BB creams, it can be a little bit easier than with foundations. “There’s a smaller area for error because one shade in a BB cream matches a large array of skin tones because it sheers out,” says Vincent Oquendo, whose clients include Janelle Monáe and Lily Collins. “Most BB creams that are out there will adapt to your skin.”

And while the process is a bit simpler, it still helps to keep a few things in mind when choosing a shade, especially with darker, deeper skin tones, as you don’t want the product to appear gray or ashy.

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5 Armenian Beauty Influencers to Start Following Now

I love how you have been involved with multiple brands and organizations to join forces and raise money for Armenia Fund. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on?

I never hesitate to get involved in helping Armenia, even though it can be frustrating being so far away. Watching my homeland deal with economic collapse and COVID-19, I knew I had to do more during this pandemic. Armenia has survived a genocide and is currently dealing with Artsakh, a region of ethnic-majority Armenians, potentially being stripped of its sovereignty. With this cataclysmic collection of events happening right now in Armenia, it is so important to get the word out to mainstream news sources. Most people are not familiar with what is going on, as the conflicts and history of Armenia and its people are vast and complicated. So when my dear friend Olivia Jamgotchian reached out and asked if I would become a founding board member and advisor for Armenia Support Fund, I, of course, did not hesitate to get involved. ASF was founded on the premise of helping Armenians stimulate the Armenian economy with grants to bolster small businesses in Armenia. We believe in

Ashley Benson Wore the Thigh-High Boots Trend

So, Ashley Benson is currently in NYC looking very chic in outfits that she could certainly pass her for a resident of The City That Never Sleeps (take a look at her Instagram for further proof). But there’s one outfit, in particular, that I’m here to discuss—one shoe trend, in particular, that is.

At first glance, when you look at her outfit, you probably see the amazing coat, but even more groundbreaking (in my opinion, at least) is her boots. You’re probably well aware by now that lug-sole Chelsea boots, riding boots, and square-toe boots are the top boot trends this fall, but you may be wondering what’s next, what’s even fresher… The answer lies in Ashley Benson’s outfit. 

As a fashion editor, I do a lot of shopping, so I usually know when a trend is about to take off, based partly on what I’m seeing on the market. One of those things is fitted thigh-high boots, which is exactly what Benson just wore with her black mini dress and coat. Her cool tread-sole boots are by Stuart Weitzman, and there are lots more options for the choosing. Keep scrolling to shop the best ones before