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The 2021 Fashion Starter Pack For a Total Wardrobe Refresh

Welcome to the Starter Pack series, a Who What Wear column that dives deep into the seasonal trends everyone’s talking about.

We finally made it to 2021 and if you ask me, that warrants a wardrobe refresh. If your style has been altered in one way or another over the course of the past year, you are not alone. Since most of our lifestyles have changed, so have the contents of our closet, and this year, we want to make sure every time you go to get dressed, you are feeling joyous and well-equipped. In year’s past, a wardrobe refresh would have consisted of accessories, the latest trends, and so on and so forth, but this time, we wanted to highlight the items we truly believe will ensure you feel good about yourself every day as you tackle this new (well, not anymore) indoor lifestyle. 

Featuring loungewear that should replace your stained sweatpants, dresses that will actually feel comfortable as you work from home, and fresh takes on knitwear, the 5 items ahead are small in number but mighty in ability. Adding any of the below to your wardrobe in 2021 will ensure you are feeling refreshed and prepared for

Katie Holmes Wore Baggy, Drop-Crotch Jeans

I have to admit that I’ve never been adventurous with denim trends. I pretty much stick to the classics: straight-leg, skinny, and wide-leg are right up my alley. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reporting on all the controversial jeans that celebrities wear—and hearing what our readers think.

The latest comes courtesy of Katie Holmes, who wore a pair of baggy, ultra-wide-leg, drop-crotch jeans that definitely caught my attention. The antithesis of skinny jeans, her pants are all about volume and a relaxed, devil-may-care vibe. I have to say I think she pulled them off with aplomb and managed to stay true to her personal style while experimenting with something fun and different. What more could you ask for? Scroll down to see shop trend. 

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The 23 Best Tweed Jackets and Blazers for Women

There’s no doubt that when Kate Middleton wears something we take plenty of notes. The Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her sophisticated style along with her mastery at picking timeless pieces that she can easily rewear. One item that we’ve spotted her in on countless occasions is a chic tweed jacket. Whether worn with skinny jeans and Wellington boots or as part of a sleek skirt suit, the jacket adds a touch of elegance to all her outfits.

While the fabric lends itself beautifully for winter thanks to its warm and comfortable qualities, it’s a material that you can actually wear year-round, as it comes in a variety of weights, weaves, and colors.

As Kate Middleton knows, a tweed jacket is a classic that never goes out of style, and thanks to its close association with Chanel, it unquestionably looks luxurious and will elevate even the simplest jeans-and-tee outfits (a combo we see frequently on our favorite French girls).

If you want to make your winter outfits look more expensive this winter, scroll below as we share some of the best tweed jackets on the market right now.

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9 Basic Outfits That Are Easy to Throw Together

Everyone’s got that one outfit that they repeat more than they’d like to admit. Whether it’s a comfort-zone thing or a matter of not having ample time (or coffee) to think before stepping out in the morning, we all need that fail-safe ‘fit that we know won’t disappoint, or worse, flop.

The funny thing, however, is that every person’s go-to look is unique—even if the difference is ever-so-slight (such as opting for a blazer and jeans with a tee versus a turtleneck, or loafers instead of boots). And the great thing about that is that we can always learn from others. That’s why I’ve asked my fellow Who What Wear editors to weigh in today on the basic outfits they wear over and over again to inspire not just myself but you, our readers, too. As always, they didn’t disappoint, so to see, read about, and shop all nine of the looks, including my own, just keep scrolling.

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Reviewed: I Tried a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety and Sleep

What happened during the whole process?

Whenever I try something new, I always try to keep the rest of my routine pretty much the same. If I start altering too many things at one time, it’s hard to discern what’s working and what’s not. To keep things as controlled as possible, I was diligent about wearing my blue-light glasses in the evening (I like to watch one hour of TV while I eat dinner around 7 p.m., so blocking that blue light is important!), and then, I kept lights low, read for about an hour before bed, took my normal before-bed supplements (Solluna by Kimberly Snyder’s Feel Good Detoxy 2.0, $30, and one capsule of “sleep support” I found at my local Whole Foods store), and turned out the lights between 10:00 or 10:30. I also love the Calm app. I’ve found its sleep stories work better than relaxing music or white noise for lulling me to sleep. 

Any challenges?

Not really! I run super hot at night, so one reason I avoided weighted blankets in the past was for fear I’d get overheated and wake up in a sweat. But since the blanket I have from Bearaby is

2 Swimsuit Styles That Are Huge in 2021

We’ve already highlighted the coolest new swim trends for this year and the swimsuits that are out, and ahead I’m breaking down the styles A-listers are getting behind—aka the most popular celebrity bikini trends this year—and the one trend that celebs are notably skipping.

Looking to celeb beach outfits, barely-there bikinis are being embraced in a huge way. String bikinis and triangle tops are being endorsed by celebs like Bella Hadid and the always photogenic J. Lo. On the other end of the spectrum, we’re seeing celebs like Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski wearing inventive one-pieces that range from belted swimsuits to styles with cutouts.

The one style we’re not seeing celebrities wear right now? High-waisted bikinis. The silhouette has been hugely popular in the last few years, but now celebrities seem to be shying away from the style. Go on to see the swimsuits the celebrity bikini and one-piece trends they’re wearing instead that are already huge and shop pieces to get their looks.

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