Metastatic Breast Cancer: Life Expectancy and Prognosis - survival rates for secondary breast cancer


survival rates for secondary breast cancer - Stage 4 Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment, Survival

Jun 13, 2017 · Metastatic, or stage 4, breast cancer means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Find out about prognosis and life expectancy at this stage.Author: Robin Madell. Sep 25, 2017 · Survival rates can give you an idea of what percentage of people with the same type and stage of cancer are still alive a certain amount of time (usually 5 years) after they were diagnosed. They can’t tell you how long you will live, but they may help give you a better understanding of how likely Last Revised: February 7, 2019.

96% of women survive breast cancer for at least one year, and this is predicted to fall to 87% surviving for five years or more, as shown by age-standardised net survival for patients diagnosed with breast cancer during 2010-2011 in England and Wales.[1] Breast Cancer (C50), Age-Standardised. Cancer originated in any other organ and spread into the bones is called 'secondary bone cancer'. The survival rate for the affected people would depend upon the various factors like age, overall health, treatment, response of the affected person, etc. This article provides some information on the same.Author: Leena Palande.

They have cancer cells that have spread into the bone from a cancer elsewhere in the body. This is called secondary or metastatic bone cancer. So for example, if you have breast cancer that spreads to the bones, the cancer cells in the bones will actually be breast cancer cells.