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5 Things That Make You An Adult. A yellow magnificent flame sparkled brightly. That was the flame of the last candle standing on his 18 th Birthday cake. As he made a wish and blew it, the flame wafted away, with the last chapter of his adolescence. The age of 18 when he legally attained adulthood. I love your point about selfish and selfless personally I think that being an adult entails that a person makes ‘adult descions’ (the kind with the big consequences, family, job, money, lifestyle,) and bears their consequences with maturity. that probably limits the amount of adults on planet earth to about a handful, but hey let a young chick dream ;-).

Nov 05, 2018 · What makes you an adult is got a lot to do with how you think. You can still be telling your mother that you have to go to the toilet, as in baby days, instead of just going and getting it . Aug 10, 2016 · As for a general age most developed countries of the world consider someone an adult, this is usually (somewhat arbitrarily) set at 18. Exceptions include countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia where 15 is the age of majority, Cuba where it’s 16, and North Korea where it’s 17.

In my opinion, you are an adult when you take full responsibility for yourself and can make your own mature decisions as well be accountable for your actions or be able to live independently. Mar 20, 2014 · Know you are considered an adult by law at 17, but what constitutes as adult. Is it behavior, being responsible, or is it really just age I know ALOT or people who are "adults" and do not act that way at all.Followers: 1.