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The body weight of an adult raccoon varies considerably with habitat, making the raccoon one of the most variably sized mammals. It can range from 5 to 26 kilograms (10 to 60 lb), but is usually between 5 and 12 kilograms (10 and 30 lb).Class: Mammalia. Size and Weight: The adult raccoon is a medium-sized mammal and the largest of the Procyonidae family. It averages 24 to 38 inches in length and can weigh between 14 to 23 lbs., or more, depending upon habitat and available food. The male raccoon, or boar, is slightly larger than the female, also.

The weight of a raccoon can range from 2 to 14 kilograms (4 to 30 lb), but is usually between 3.5 and 9 kilograms (8 and 20 lb). The largest recorded wild raccoon weighed 28.4 kg (62.6 lb) and measured 140 cm (55 in) in total length. That is about triple the average weight of an adult raccoon. WEIGHT Adult: There is considerable variation in the weight of raccoons, depending on season and sex as well as geographical origin and subspecies. In northern areas a raccoon's bodyweight can double by autumn with 50% loss of bodyweight during the winter; in southern areas weight may be lost in late spring prior to the hot humid summer.

The average size range of an adult raccoon is between 18 and 28 inches in length. They typically weigh anywhere from 5 to 35 pounds. However, males are often larger than females and have been weighed at up to 60 pounds. How big a raccoon gets depends on a variety of factors, including age, genetics, habitat and the availability of food. An adult raccoon has a body weight of 3.5 to 9 kg (8 to 20 lb). How much weight can a hawk lift or fly off with? it can lift or fly with as much as two times its bodyweight. How much weight should a 14 year old boy be able to lift? You should be able to lift your body weight.