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This Teaching Tip reviews the benefits and limitations of learning contracts, outlines both student and instructor responsibilities in creating learning contracts, and concludes with a sample learning contract you can draw on when designing independent study experiences for your students. Benefits Learning contracts. The learning contract is a guide to monitor and direct the student is learning. In the contract, there are details like students name, address, contact details and many more been mentioned with the course details. By agreeing this contract, the student accepts the terms and course conditions.

Sample Learning Contract Learning Objective Learning Resources & Activities Learning Products Completion Date Assessment Criteria & Standards Discuss at least three benefits of learning contracts • Read Knowles’ “The adult learner: A neglected species” • Interview teachers who have used learning contracts Write a page. The contract involves more than one stakeholder and therefore using a learning contract template in its designing is important. To make the learning contract certificate, you have to start by clearly identifying the problem. As a teacher, you should always analyze all the problems occurring at any given time.

Sep 29,  · The University of Waterloo, in Canada, has a helpful page that discusses how to develop the learning contract, with a sample learning contract derived from the work of Malcolm Knowles. Reference. Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Horton III, and Richard A. Swanson. The Adult Learner: The Definitive Classic in Adult Education and Human Resource. Contract learning is compatible with the notion that adult learners are self-directed learners. Online instruction is an example where contract learning can be highly effective. In an online environment, instructors are not physically meeting with the students to discuss learning .