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Community United Effort also known as (CUE) Center for Missing Persons, a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization, founded in Wilmington, North Carolina, serving missing persons nationwide. North Carolina is one of the few states with a clearinghouse for missing adults as well as children. Each year, more than 10,000 people are reported missing to the N.C. Center for Missing Persons. The problems of non-custodial abductions, runaways, stranger abductions, and missing adults transcend socio-economic, racial and ethnic boundaries.

The N.C. Center for Missing Persons serves as the clearinghouse for information regarding missing children and adults and is charged with issuing AMBER Alerts, Silver Alerts and Blue Alerts. State of North Carolina: Missing Persons. Missing People in North Carolina. This is an updated list of people missing from in and around North Carolina. Missing persons in North Carolina are listed below.

If a loved one is missing, family and friends should immediately notify local law enforcement. When a person is abducted, time is valuable. File a police or sheriff's report.Include information on where the missing person was last known to be, as well as names of the individual's family and friends. is the official website of North Carolina. Find state agencies and contacts, learn about North Carolina and about NC state government. Get basic info about how to start a business.