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Normal Levels. This is the normal oxygen level for an adult female and can be measured using a device known as a pulse oximeter. This is a small instrument that attaches to one of your fingers and is able to measure the amount of oxygen inside your blood in a non-invasive manner. Nov 05, 2018 · Adults. In adults, the average hemoglobin level is slightly higher for men than it is for women. It’s measured in grams per deciliter (g/dL) of blood. For African American males, normal hemoglobin levels start at 11.8. For African American females, they start at 12.8 g/dL. Older adults also tend to have lower hemoglobin levels.Author: Rachel Nall, RN, BSN, CCRN.

Jan 25, 2017 · Normal: A normal ABG oxygen level for healthy lungs falls between 80 and 100 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). If a pulse ox measured your blood oxygen level, a normal reading is typically between 95 and 100 percent. However, in COPD or Author: Kimberly Holland. According to Amperor Direct, in healthy people, normal SpO2, or blood oxygen saturation levels, should range from 94 to 99 percent. For a person with a mild respiratory disease, the value should be at least 90 percent.

The normal oxygen saturation level is 97–100% (OER #1). Older adults typically have lower oxygen saturation levels than younger adults. For example, someone older than 70 years of age may have an oxygen saturation level of about 95%, which is an acceptable level. Normal results for adults vary, but in general are: male - 13.8 to 17.2 grams per deciliter, and female - 12.1 to 15.1 grams per deciliter. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different.