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meth user symptons in young adults - What are the Symptoms of Meth Abuse?

Apr 24, 2019 · Many crystal meth symptoms can put a person in a hospital or even cause death. Meth symptoms vary with the amount of meth used, method of ingestion and the other factors. General, psychological methamphetamine symptoms during meth use include: 1. Euphoria; Anxiety, irritability, aggression, paranoia; Increased libido; Energy, alertness; Increased concentration. Speed/Meth. During adolescence, a once happy, cheerful child can become a sullen, hostile young adult prone to slamming doors and asking for privacy. Sometimes, these changes are due to simple teen hormones. Other times, these changes are due to drug use. Teens who use stimulants like speed or meth develop mood swings Author: Jamison Monroe.

Jul 16, 2012 · When under the influence of meth, a person may present with any number of symptoms: Increased physical activity. Increased blood pressure and breathing rate. Elevated body temperature. Dilated pupils. Heavy sweating. Loss of appetite. Sleeplessness. Paranoia or irritability. Meth is used more by young adults than by people of any other age group. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recently found that meth use was highest among users between ages 18 and 25 – if you’re a young adult and caught in the cycle of meth addiction, you’re not alone.

Incessant talking. Loquaciousness. A meth user often engages in constant, rambling conversation; Rapid eye movement; Increased body temperature (can rise as high as 108 degrees and cause death) Dilated pupils; Sweating not related to physical activity. Continued Signs of Meth Use: The above symptoms, plus: Weight loss. Low-intensity abusers swallow or snort methamphetamine. They want the extra stimulation methamphetamine provides so they can stay awake long enough to finish a task or a job, or they want the appetite-suppressant effect to lose weight. They are one step away from becoming “binge” (meaning uncontrolled use of a substance) abusers. BINGE METH.