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Jan 10, 2018 · Fifth disease is a viral disease that’s common in children but can also affect adults, especially pregnant women or people with compromised immune systems. It often results in a red rash Author: Autumn Rivers And Winnie Yu. Fifth Disease Adults. If an adult has already had fifth disease, they are considered a fifth disease adult and they will most likely not contract the virus again. In adults, there is the possibility that contracting this disease can cause infectious arthritis otherwise known as septic arthritis where the joint has been invaded by a virus or bacteria.

Nov 25, 2015 · Fifth disease is a mild illness that is often accompanied by a red rash and joint pain, it is more common in children but can also impact adults. When adults are infected with fifth disease it tends to be more severe, including flu-like symptoms and joint pain. In these cases with older teens and adults, fifth disease can be followed by joint pain or swelling, usually in the wrists, hands, ankles or knees. Fifth Disease during Pregnancy. This disease can as well be transmitted in blood, so if a woman develops fifth disease during pregnancy, it can infect the baby by way of the placenta.

Not all children with fifth disease develop the rash. Some will have a rash that lasts several weeks or changes with environmental triggers like those mentioned above. Both are normal. The. Adult Fifth Disease About 50 percent of adults have already had fifth disease, and therefore are immune to the virus that causes it. When adults do get fifth disease, symptoms can include joint pain or swelling, low-grade fever, chills, and body aches.Author: Arthur Schoenstadt, MD.