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Symptoms. Many people with Chiari malformation have no signs or symptoms and don't need treatment. Their condition is detected only when tests are performed for unrelated disorders. However, depending on the type and severity, Chiari malformation can cause a number of problems. The more common types of Chiari malformation are: Type I; Type II. Apr 10, 2017 · Chiari Malformation Symptoms. Chiari symptoms include: Severe headaches; Dizziness and vertigo; Vision problems; Clumsiness; Spastic movements of the limbs; Neurological problems such as numbness or weakness in the extremities; We do not dispute the fact that a Chiari Malformation is a congenital disorder.

Symptoms may change for some individuals, depending on the compression of the tissue and nerves and on the buildup of CSF pressure. Infants with a Chiari malformation may have difficulty swallowing, irritability when being fed, excessive drooling, a weak cry, gagging or vomiting, arm weakness. Type 1 Chiari malformation symptoms and signs can show up in infants, children, teens or adults. Type 2 Chiari malformation is associated with spina bifida and is present at birth. Surgery can address symptoms such as headache, hydrocephalus, sleep apnea and others.

Chiari malformation type I is usually not associated with other neurological abnormalities, although it can cause neurological symptoms due to compression of the brainstem and spinal cord. CHIARI MALFORMATION TYPE II. Chiari malformation type II is usually more severe than type I and generally symptoms become apparent during childhood. Jan 11, 2016 · Adult symptoms include neck pain, balance problems, muscle weakness, numbness or other abnormal feelings in the arms or legs, dizziness, vision problems, difficulty swallowing, ringing or buzzing in the ears, hearing loss, vomiting, insomnia, or headache made worse by coughing, laughing, or straining.