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Adult Diaper Stories thanks you for your visit. We hope you found a Diaper Story you like. Try using our Google Search Box which will scan 1000's of Diaper Stories and Abdl Stories in seconds for you. All you need to do is type something in the search box that interests you. Maybe you like the popular Diaper Punishment Stories or Adult Diapers. Jessie's Regression - Baby Jack Loved this story, especially the regression part, however the physical regression was just too fantistic to be believed. Also if Mary was happy to do this to Jessie, would Amber be safe in the future and would Jessie get her own back .

Nov 05, 2018 · Hi Im not a huge fan of the stories where the character is a AB from the start and Im also not into the overly mean stories. I rather like slow regression stories where someone is slowly regressed with or without them knowing. It could be through hypnosis, drugs . Aug 22, 2014 · Chapter 1. Michelle was 24, she had been out of college for 2 years now and was working as an intern for an investment firm. Michelle had been working hard all year long and was finally on vacation for the summer, for the first time in her life she was taking a full 2 weeks off.Category: Age Regression.

AB and DL Stories. The following storys are about infantilism, Age regresion and wearing diapers for pleasure. It is fantasy. Infantilism does not involve the sexual abuse of children, and the authors in no way approves of such abuse. If infantilism does not appeal to you, please do not read the storys. The Age Regression Writer's Guide. / Twitter / By abdl86 / August 24, 2019 August 24, 2019 / ABDL, Adult baby, Adult diaper, Age regression, Diaper AD-SD-ChibiGirl, Adult baby, Adult diaper, Age regression, Clean diaper, Diaper, Diaper butt, Disposable, Paraphilic infantilism, Plush hug, Plushy, Stuffed animal Diaper story stealing diapers (822) Summer Punishment Chapter.