5 Comfortable Fall Outfits That Are Perfect for WFH

As someone that is currently working from home, comfort is key. For the most part, I basically sit at my table or on the couch about eight hours per day as I finish up my work. (Although, I am considering investing in a standing desk as well). Given this, I’ve tested out a range of ensembles that are cozy but also still fashion-forward. There are about five to six specific outfit formulas I’ve been relying on. While most skew on the casual side, there’s also some that feel a bit more dressed up when I need to present during various Zoom meetings.

If you’re looking for a fresh WFH outfit idea, what’s coming your way may be of particular interest. Below, I’m showcasing comfy outfits as highlighted on myself and various fashion follows that also seem to wear the ensembles I’m into at the moment. Keep scrolling for more, along with a range of shopping picks as well.

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