Day: February 8, 2021

Vogue For Girls

The number one reason why Asian girls are so skinny is due to social demands placed on them by the media and the style trade. Alternatively, should you find a discount pair of pants or shirt that matches excellent, it could possibly make you look significantly better than in case you wear an ill-becoming designer outfit. To determine whether a specific item of clothes is the perfect fit, it ought to be able to spotlight the very best elements of your physique whereas hiding your figure flaws on the identical time. There are additionally other things to think about in addition to the actual fit and cut of the garment. Prints and patterns also play a huge function in enhancing your image. For example, heavier men ought to definitely steer clear of sporting shirts with horizontal stripes as a result of they tend to make your stomach look a lot greater than it really is. Vertical stripes alternatively, are quite slimming and make you look taller as well.

Two vivid, vivid colors should not be worn at the identical time – select only one. In any other case, your outfit may induce headaches in passersby. At Amazon Fashion, we consider …

Roxy Names Stephanie Micci Creative, Design Director for Surf and Snow – WWD

Roxy has appointed Stephanie Micci its first creative and design director of women’s surf and snow collections.

Prior to the new role, Micci led the Roxy team as global creative and design director; she relocated to the brand’s headquarters in the southwest of France in 2019 to join the team after being head of design for Tommy Hilfiger Sport. A Parson’s graduate, Micci also worked within the design teams at Proenza Schouler, Burberry and Calvin Klein.

Micci spoke to WWD on the future of Roxy and her goals within sustainability, community, inclusivity and more alongside the debut of the Roxy Snow 203 collection, which features Olympic snowboarding gold medalist and brand ambassador Chloe Kim.

“On a macro level, when Roxy came into being in the ’90s, before it was a hashtag or all over Instagram, Roxy was always standing for supporting and empowering women. Not just in the surf community but in all areas of life,” Micci said over Zoom, adding, “It’s been really fun to have that be the guiding light, especially growing up with Roxy. Everyone you saw in the campaigns had such a free spirit and strong sense of self.…It’s nice to really stand for authenticity and

9 Trendy Wardrobe Staples That Are Officially Trend-Proof

We’re all pretty familiar with the concept that trends come and go. They can pop up once, never to be seen again, or they can return every few years—much like the recent resurgence of animal print. Every once in a while, however, one manages to break the cycle and not only continue its upward trajectory but actually earn wardrobe-essential status. basic, if you will (at least among the fashion set).

These are the pieces that slowly update our arsenals to feel more current, likely pushing something out on its way in. The reason we’re here today is because while recently taking inventory of my own wardrobe, I noticed that there are quite a few “new basics” not only in my rotation, but in countless other girls I see both in real life and on Instagram. Just what are they? To read about all nine, see them in action, and, of course, shop them, just keep scrolling.

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