Day: January 5, 2021

Filson Taps Paolo Corinaldesi as Chief Executive Officer – WWD

Heritage outdoor outfitter Filson has tapped Paolo Corinaldesi as chief executive officer.

The sixth ceo in the Seattle-based company’s 124-year history, Corinaldesi joins as part of his role with WP Lavori, the international apparel brand licensee, distributor and retail group, where he served as global strategist. WP Lavoli made a multimillion-dollar investment in Filson in 2020, acquiring 10 percent of the company, to partner with Bedrock Manufacturing Company, the parent company of Filson.

“WP Lavori identified Filson as a brand with universal appeal. Even in a year like 2020, Filson proved its resiliency, with double-digit e-commerce growth amid a global pandemic and economic crisis,” Corinaldesi said.

Heading into 2021, the ceo said the brand is in a great position, “thanks to the leadership of Tom Kartsotis and Alex Carleton [founder of Bedrock and chief creative officer of Filson, respectively], who have built a phenomenal foundation for our business.” In the immediate future, he said the brand plans to invest in e-commerce and retail locations, with new customer acquisition earmarked as a priority.

“We also see a huge opportunity with international expansion,” he said. “WP Lavori’s investment in Filson brings us the ability to tap into the European market, as they

The 16 Best Expensive Beauty Products, Reviewed

Welcome to I Tried It Month, where we’ll be publishing a new fashion, beauty, or wellness article every day in January that features a first-person account of shaking up an old habit, pushing beyond a comfort zone, or simply trying something new. Follow along for 31 days of storytelling, including everything from going without a cellphone for 40 days to trying the polarizing low-rise pants trend.

I should probably start by clarifying: Even pre-quarantine, 50% of my job entailed unboxing, testing, reviewing, and re-testing beauty products. This is not a luxury I take lightly, and while it might seem like a mundane task, my fellow beauty editor, Courtney, and I take a lot of pride in our ability to test and provide thoughtful feedback. (We quite literally receive hundreds of packages each month, so you can understand how this makes up a big part of our job!) Some of this feedback is just between the two of us on Slack, some of it goes to a brand’s PR team or even its CEO, and a lot of the time, it comes directly to you!

With so many swipes and swatches under my belt, it takes a lot to