Day: January 3, 2021

Where in the World Is Pedro Barrios? – WWD

After years of gallivanting the globe and exploring art in different ways, former WWD fashion illustrator Pedro Barrios continues to draw and paint in his Miami home. Even though he is technically retired, he is occasionally commissioned to do paintings for residential clients.

Using all of his savings, Barrios left the U.S. in the late Seventies and spent years living in different countries — first Greece, then Spain, Italy and England. After a respite in the U.S., he relocated again to Puerto Rico to live in the Caribbean National Forest.

“I was never afraid to take a chance. Traveling to different countries is something that most people won’t do,” he said. “I even killed a boa constrictor in my house in the rainforest. The animal got in through one of the upper windows and was in a bookcase. I wasn’t going to sleep with her. Frankly, she was a little taller than I am — almost six feet long.”

A saber alone was not enough to solve the problem. Barrios added, “But when you live in a place like that you have tarantulas in the house, bats and stuff like that. But it was fun. I had this fantasy of

The Best String Bikinis We’re Buying in 2020

When it comes to swimwear, we’ve shared everything from the trends celebrities are all over this year to the brands I recommend to all my friends and where to buy the most photogenic suits. While testing out some of the season’s newest styles and silhouettes, I noticed a solid number of swimwear lines are pushing string bikini bottoms. Now, we know what you’re picturing: side-tie bottoms that were popular in early 2000s and typically made with a low-rise fit. But that’s not what I’m referring to. The new wave of string bikinis is way chicer (IMO) and designed without double side ties. Aussie-based swimwear labels like Asara and Bāmba are leading the pack on the updated silhouette.

Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Victoria’s Secret model Josephine Skriver are already supporting this fresh version of super-thin swimsuit bottoms as well. To really embrace this year’s version of the string bikini, we suggest taking note from Skriver and wearing the bottoms hiked up super high. This will not only elongate your legs but also lend a very “Bond-girls look,” as Skriver told us in an interview. Whether you’re simply curious about the style or ready to add the latest bikini trend