Day: November 22, 2020

Twin Storms Seen Denting Central America’s Apparel Exports – WWD

MEXICO CITY — Tropical storms Iota and Eta could cost Central America up to $200 million in garment exports and see shipments delayed by one to two months as clothing factories are forced to idle production, industry observers told WWD.

They added the region, which sent nearly $7 billion of apparel to the U.S. last year, will need billions to rebuild and finance new infrastructure projects to make it more resilient to adverse weather events stemming from global warming.

“It’s a tragedy,” sighed Mario Canahuati, president of the Honduran Manufacturers’ Association (AHM) and member of the Canahuati texiles family conglomerate in the nation, whose maquila sector saw the most damage from nearly two weeks of storms as Eta hit Nov. 3, followed by Iota on Nov. 16. Both were Category 4 storms. Eta affected 3.6 million people across the isthmus, pummeling Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala with catastrophic winds, rain and flooding. Meanwhile, Iota is said to have displaced 400,000 people in Nicaragua, though its apparel supply chain was understood to have been left largely unscathed by the storm.

Canahuati declined to estimate how the storms damaged Honduras’ textiles pole, a major supplier of basic T-shirts and underwear to the U.S.,

The 12 Best BB Creams for Dark Skin Tones

When it comes to shade-matching BB creams, it can be a little bit easier than with foundations. “There’s a smaller area for error because one shade in a BB cream matches a large array of skin tones because it sheers out,” says Vincent Oquendo, whose clients include Janelle Monáe and Lily Collins. “Most BB creams that are out there will adapt to your skin.”

And while the process is a bit simpler, it still helps to keep a few things in mind when choosing a shade, especially with darker, deeper skin tones, as you don’t want the product to appear gray or ashy.

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